Continuous Flow Systems

To overcome the challenges and limitations posed by batch reactors in general, AMAR specializes in the design and manufacture of continuous flow reactor systems. These continuous flow reactors possess great potential to replace batch systems for most of the applications across various industries. AMAR’s specialty lies in customizing these reactors and developing solutions for them at the lab scale and expanding them to the pilot or semi-production scale. These continuous flow reaction systems have garnered significant interest worldwide and are quickly gaining recognition in mainstream chemistry as economical, safe and efficient solutions to the shortcomings posed by batch reactors. Some of the types of continuous reactors developed by AMAR are listed below.

Microchannel Reactors

  • 1ml to 2ltrs volume
  • Flow rates up to 120 LPH
  • For various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous - multiphase reactions.
  • Ideal for fast & exothermic reactions.

3D Flow Reactor AmaR- CFR

  • Continuous Flow Reactor from 1ml to 2ltrs
  • Flow rates up to 120 LPH
  • For various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous - multiphase reactions, gas- liquid catalytic reactions

Pinch Tube Flow Reactor AmaR-TR

  • 100ml to 200ltr volume
  • Flow rates up to 10,000 LPH
  • Lab to plant scale turnkey solutions with pumps, utilities, pressure & flow control, safety device & controls in SCADA

Glass Microreactors

  • 0.1ml to 50ml volume
  • Flow rates up to 36 LPH
  • Microreactors from glass, quartz, silicon and glass-silicon compounds

Photochemical Flow Reactors AMaR- PTR

  • 1ml to 2ltr volume
  • Flow rate upto 120 LPH
  • For Photo chlorination, Production of Vitamin D, Photo alkylation, Artemisinin production (anti malarial drug), Production of E-caprolactame etc.

Soliflo Catalytic Reactor AMaR-SLR

  • 1ml to 16ml volume
  • Flow rate upto 60 LPH
  • Pressure upto 100 bar & 400°C
  • Throughput ranging from few gm to few kgs

Packed BedTubular Reactors AMaR-PBR

  • 5ml to 100 ltrs volume
  • Pressureupto 350 bar & 1000°C
  • Catalyst testing, oxidation, reforming, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, liquefaction, fischerTropsch process, hydro-cracking, carboxylation, catalyst screening, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), microreactor system, syngas reactor system, pyrolysis reactor system, packed bed reactor system, vapor rig system, biomass gasification system, hydro-processing catalyst testing system, catalyst-reduction unit, multi-purpose reactor unit, vapor phase reaction system etc

Continuous StirredTank Reactors AMaR-CSTR

  • 25ml to 2000 ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 350 bar and 500°C
  • Ex-proof / CE / PED / ASME / U stamp certified CSTR reactor system on request

Continuous Pliot Plants

  • For nitration, diazotization, azo coupling, sulfoxidation, amination, nitration of aromatic substrate, acylation, formylation, methylation, synthesis of nanomaterials, knoevenagel condensation, meerwein arylation, glycosylation hydrolysis, alkylation, sulfonation, sulfoxdation, synthesis of deuterated solvents, acetylation, oximation, cyclization, liquid-liquid extraction etc.

Electrochemical Flow Reactor AMaR-ECR

  • 0.2ml to 20ml volume
  • Flow rate up to 200 ml/min
  • For high vacuum distillation
  • Very high surface to volume ratio.
  • Various electrodes available such as: Iron, Copper, Graphite, Titanium, Nickel foam, Ni coated on the copper electrode, Steel

Liquid-Liquid Separator AMaR-LLS

  • 1ml to 200ml volume
  • Flow rate upto 200 ml/min
  • Works on the principle of wettability of immiscible phases on porous membrane.

Static Mixer-AMaR-SM

  • 12ml to 200ltr volume
  • Pressure upto 350 bar and 350°C
  • For high viscosity mixing, Gas mixing in turbulent regimes, Dispersion of immiscible liquids etc.