Eco-Catalyst Screening System

Amar has been pioneer, largest manufacturer, and exporter of eco-catalyst screening systems in India since many years.

  • Volume: 25 ml x 7 reactors with independent lids.
  • Pressure Range: up to 100 bar for each reactor
  • Temperature Range: up to 200°C
  • Heating: shall be common for all reactors using hot plate.
  • Maximum Stirring Arrangement speed: up to 1000 RPM.
  • Material: SS-316, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium etc.
  • Sealing: Threaded sealing with either Viton or Kalrez ‘O’ ring
  • Stirring Arrangement: All the reactors have a common bottom stirring arrangement having upto 1000 RPM using magnetic hot plate stirrer.
  • Sealing: Threaded sealing with either Viton or Kalrez ‘O’ ring
  • Very compact & economical system
  • Application: These systems provide high throughput screening and saves on time and space, helps in comparative studies, and assists in faster and advanced research. These are often used for high throughput catalyst screening. These multiple autoclave systems are used in Laboratories, of fine & speciality chemicals, bulk drug (API) pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, paints, oils, agrochemical, petrochemicals, oil & gas, chemical engineering colleges / research institutes / defence organisations etc. to screen new chemistries, augment the yield of catalysts.

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