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High Pressure Autoclave Reactor

High Pressure Autoclave Reactors

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High pressure autoclaves

A high pressure autoclave reactor is often used in the research and development of various chemicals, in study of chemical reactions and their improvement, production of new catalysts, corrosion studies, separation or mixing of compounds as well as other experiments. Such autoclave-reactor models are usually designed as per the ASME code and other country specific local certifications can be provided alongwith. Experiments where these are often used are usually high pressure and high temperature applications and thus, such an autoclave reactor needs to be robust and effective in design, operation and maintenance.

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In R&D centers, pilot plants & manufacturing facilities of fine & speciality chemicals, bulk drug (API) pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, paints, oils, agrochemical, petrochemicals, oil & gas etc. Industries & in chemical engineering colleges / research institutes / defence organisations where high pressure reactions / testing is carried out.