hydrogenation autoclaves and Gas induction reactors

Hydrogenation Autoclaves

Amar designs & manufacturers large scale high pressure hydrogenation autoclaves upto 1000 ltr volume for different gas-liquid reactions and liquid-liquid reactions. Most of these gas induction reactors and hydrogenation autoclaves find extensive applications for various high pressure gas–liquid reactions like hydrogenation, oxidation, nitration etc., where gas dispersion & mass transfer at high pressure form the key design element. Over the years, Amar has gained expertise in making extremely efficient high mass transfer gas induction agitators with high torque zero leakage maintenance free magnetic drives/couplings. These reactors are completely custom-built as per customers’ individual requirements of material, temperature, pressure conditions with option of providing valves, instrumentation, PLC panels, utilities, upstream & downstream equipment to form complete set-ups for pilot plants for various applications.

Salient Features