Packed Bed Tubular Reactor

Amar has been the leading manufacturer and exporter of packed bed tubular reactors and systems in India since past many years.

  • Volume: 10 ml to 100 ltr.
  • Pressure Range: up to 350 bar
  • Temperature Range: up to 1100°C
  • Fixed bed reactors, trickle bed reactor designs can be offered.
  • Packed bed reactors can be provided in multiple configurations like a having singular large bed of catalyst, multiple horizontal beds of catalyst, packed bed reactors in parallel configuration, packed bed reactors in series configuration, up-flow mode of operation, down-flow mode of operation, counter flow of gas & liquid (as in trickle bed reactors)
  • Explosion proof plants for hazardous area
  • Automation: Either a standard or customisable unit can be offered for gas liquid feed combinations, product outlets, series, or parallel reactors, multi zone heating furnaces etc. with integrated controls, high level of safety, automation, and SCADA software which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of research and production operations
  • Application: Packed tubular reactors are extensively used in chemical and associated industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, oil and gas, mineral and coal industries, pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals, and biochemicals. Applications may vary considerably from industry to industry and may include cracking of large organic molecules into useful desired products, upgrading petroleum feedstock, conversion of unsaturated organics into saturated products, conversion of coal- derived products, Fischer Tropsch process, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), syngas generation, pyrolysis reactions, vapour phase reactions, biomass / coal gasification reactions, hydro-processing catalyst testing, catalyst-reduction, multi-purpose reactions, vapor phase reactions, conversion of gaseous reactants into fuels, hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of bio-oils (upgrading), polymerization of monomers for a variety of commodity applications, manufacturing pharmaceutical and their intermediates, aromatization and dearomatization of organic materials used typically in specialty chemicals, oxidation, denitrification, desulfurization, removal of pollutants, hydrogenation, heterogenous reactions, liquefaction reactions, etc.


Apart from our standard specifications we also provide additional value-added optional accessories to enhance the versatility and functionality of the equipment for various applications. Some of the components that we provide as a part of our flow reactor systems :

This system is used to charge liquid at a desired rate from as low as 1ml/hr, is under pressurized condition.

  • a) Diaphragm metering pumps for pressures up to 100bar & minimum flow range of 60-600ml/hr to maximum 10-100 lit/hr. The flow rates are varied by varying the motor speed with variable frequency drive. Materials: SS316, options: Hastelloy C, Titanium, PTFE.
  • b) High pressure more accurate HPLC type low flow metering pumps for high pressures up to 350 bar & flow range from 0.01 up to 100ml/min. Materials: SS316, option: Hastelloy C, Titanium.
  • c) Low/High pressure syringe, pumps can be offered for pumping corrosive chemicals.
  • Single Fluid closed loop system from -90°C to 250°C.
  • Heating Cooling bath circulators from 70°C to 175°C.
  • High temperature circulators from ambient to 350°C.
  • Chillers up to -15°C.
  • Suitable for reactor volume from 10 ml to 3000 ltr.

It is SS316 regulator mounted on the vent line of the reactor &is used for maintaining constant pressure inside the reactor up to 350bar. The pressure is maintained by releasing the excess pressure into the atmosphere.

  • a) Electronically actuated digital pneumatic back pressure regulator, where the pressure is set digitally & can be released at preset rate of pressure release (6bar air supply is required).
  • b) Pneumatically actuated pilot operated back pressure regulator (air/N2 gas supply for rated pressure is required to activate the same).
  • c) Electronic control unit & forward pressure regulator with 4mtr.
  • Materials: Hastelloy C, PTFE etc.

MFM can be used to measure accurate mass flow rate of gas (in gm/hr or LPH) & totalized quantity of mass/volume (in gm/ltr) charged in the reactor at any point. Mass flow controller (MFC) is used to charge the set flow rate of gas into the reactor at high pressures up to 100bar. The same MFM/MFC comes with high pressure flexible hose, inlet filter with digital gas flow indicator.

It consists of SS316 pressure sensor (transmitter) & digital pressure indicator/ controller (mounted on common control panel) with pressure alarm.

This unit is used to separate plug flow of two immiscible liquids used in biphasic reaction or two phases of an extraction flow.
MOC: ETFE, PFA & PTFE, pressure @ 300 psi.

Control Panel consists of programmable PID temperature controller cum indicator with temperature alarm system (settable), safety alarm & heater trip system for malfunctioning of controller/sensor/ temperature rise beyond set limit. Digital pressure indicator/ controller, gas/liquid flow indicator, totalizer, heater, level, pH etc. Indicators are provided additionally on same common control panel depending on the optional accessories are selected.
Optional :

  • a) Touch screen panel with SCADA software.
  • b) PLC based control panel with touch panel HMI or remote SCADA software & PC Control.
  • c) Complete Ex-proof-flame proof (FLP) group IIA/IIB or IIC, ATEX zone 1, class 1 div. 2 certified.

Note : All accessories may not be applicable for the selected model. For more details Contact US.

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