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Amar Manufacturing Facility

Amar has 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture & supply of high-pressure high-temperature batch and continuous reactors & allied systems. Our products are designed for various types of applications in lab, pilot, and plant-scale volumes ranging from 1 ml to 10000 ltr, with pressures up to 700 bar & temperatures up to 1000°C in different materials of construction. Almost every chemical company in India has an Amar autoclave in its R&D lab or pilot plant. We have five decades of industry confidence behind our quality products and service.

Our customized solutions are frequently used for various chemical reactions & processes including supercritical fluid extraction, corrosion testing and studies, gas hydrate formation studies, etc. These reactors are primarily used in R&D, pilot, and manufacturing facilities of various chemical, pharma, oil & gas industries, research, and educational institutes.

For the past four decades, Amar has supplied over 5000 systems and cemented a place for itself as one of the leading manufacturers of pressure reactors, pressure vessels, pilot plants, and flow reactors catering to all major industries worldwide.

Amar Equipment is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company and can offer custom systems with CE – PED, ASME U stamp, and Explosion proof (Ex) certifications. ATEX, CSA, CRN, DOSH, and Australian worksafe registrations can also be offered on request depending on local regulations of each country.

Our products are also sold to various industries globally. We have an excellent distributor and after-sales service network all over the world. Our local representatives are available to support our customers with short lead times. Recently we have started a targeted initiative to increase international sales and you will be seeing us at more and more international exhibitions and trade shows.

Our Facility

We have complete in-house setup well-equipped with the latest technology & machinery to design, manufacture & test all the products & components.


ASME U Stamp
ISO 9001-2015
Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To design and manufacture import substitutes and products that can compete globally. To become a leading global player in manufacturing & supply of all our products. To continuously upgrade the quality of our products and always offer latest & the best.

Guiding Philosophy

Guiding Philosophy

To develop technically complex, challenging, productive & customized turnkey solutions, we, at Amar, strongly follow Hon. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign of MAKE IN INDIA

Our Management

our management Mr. Naresh Shah sir

Mr. Naresh Shah

Founder And Chairman

The company was founded in 1974 by Mr. Naresh Shah (Managing Director & Chairman) after completing B.Tech. Mechanical from IIT Mumbai & Masters of Science from University of Michigan, United States.  Mr.Naresh Shah started the company with general fabrication of pressure vessels, reactors & heat exchangers and later shifted focus to manufacturing high pressure autoclave reactors & flow reactors. Through his career spanning 45 years his core competency has been on machines, catering to various Chemical & Pharma Industries / Institutions. Apart from very good knowledge & experience of fabrication & machining techniques, he plays the role of mentor to the design & production team and is the go-to-man for all troubleshooting in any form of technical challenge, be it design, production, quality or service. He has been the backbone of company’s growth due to his design acumen, productive prowess & exceptional execution capabilities. The company’s position & reputation can be most credited to his efforts. He puts the 45 years of worldly experience into the company and actively advises on the design front & catalyses key policy decisions.

Journey Of The Visionary

our management Mr. Vishal Shah sir

Mr. Vishal Shah

Ceo And Director

Mr. Vishal Shah completed his B.E. degree in mechanical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai in 1997 and has been the Director of Amar Equipment Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, for the last 20 years. He has been the main driving force for multifold growth of Amar Equipment for the past two decades. Mr. Vishal has substantially contributed to conceptualization, design development, production and marketing of highly specialized import substitutes like high pressure autoclaves, pilot plants, magnetic couplings, packed bed reactors, continuous flow reactors, heating cooling circulators and Lab Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD). He has been able to offer turnkey systems using high pressure autoclaves for different applications like hydrogenation, polymerization, alkoxylation, supercritical fluid extraction, corrosion and testing for various specialty & fine chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, dyes and intermediates, agrochemical & pertoleum industries etc. He has also been serving leading governmental chemical research institutes and chemical engineering colleges. The flow reactors co-developed by Mr. Vishal at Amar Equipments in collaboration with NCL, Pune, have a huge market potential as they can replace the batch process for many reactions / applications for better product quality, safety and productivity. In 2019 he co-founded Amar Chemistry Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Mr. Naresh Jain, President of NJ Bio Pharmaceuticals, USA. Amar Chemistry is CRO that provides integrated chemistry services to the biotech, pharmaceuticals & chemical based industry sectors.

Message From The CEO

Our Team

We are a team of around 200 people with qualified staff, skilled workers including a core team of 30 highly skilled & experienced professional engineers, required to produce the desired quality with accuracy & precision as per international quality standards & design codes.

Our Techincal Advisory

our technical advisor dr. Pranab Kumar De

Dr. Pranab Kumar De

Consultant For Hpht Corrosion Testing Systems

Dr. Pranab Kumar De, BE (NIT, Durgapur), MS, from FOTANA CORROSION CENTER, Ohio State University, USA and PhD (IIT, Bombay) is an international authority in the field of plant material science, selection and corrosion engineering studies. Dr. De has been instrumental in solving a large number of material & corrosion related problems and root cause failure analysis in industries, nuclear and thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, oil exploration & pipelines installations and petrochemical plants. Over the years, he has been associated with many premier fabricating & manufacturing units. He introduced the Long Time Plant Risk Based Inspection Strategy in India for the first time. It has been adapted & is being practiced successfully in a number of plants globally. He has been associated with a number of Metallurgical Test Houses in Mumbai and has been with M/s Amar Equipment for a long time.

our technical advisor Dr. Vishwanath H. Dalvi sir

Dr. Vishwanath H. Dalvi

Consultant For Flow Reactors & Process Development

Dr. Vishwanath H. Dalvi is the R. A. Mashelkar Assistant Professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. His vision is for India to be a resilient, secure, knowledge based economy. His research focuses on sustainable development and economic empowerment. To that end, he works on developing technologies that are imperatively decentralized e.g. micro CSP power generation, waterless toilets, novel biogas generators and open source process engineering tools. He is known to be an excellent teacher having won awards for teaching both from the Institute of Chemical Technology and from the All India Council of Technical Education.

our technical advisor Mr. Yogesh Kadam sir

Mr. Yogesh Kadam

Consultant For Super Critical Fluid Extraction Systems

Mr. Yogesh Kadam, BE Chemical (AMIICHE) from India Institute of Chemical Engineering, has been associated with Indian Institute of Technology - Mumbai (IIT Bombay) as RESEARCH ASSOCIATE for the development of Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology right from its inception in India (20 years). As a specialist in supercritical fluid extraction technology, he has designed and developed more than 90 R&D, lab, pilot and commercial SCFE projects for various applications like extraction of essential oils, oleoresins, herbal products, flavors & fragrances, decaffeination, CO2 textile dying, particle synthesis for pharma applications. He has been associated with Amar Equipment as a consultant for Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology since past few years.

Dr. Rahul Nabar

Business Development Consultant(technology)

Dr. Rahul Nabar is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the area of petroleum catalysis. After completing post-doctoral research in the area of Biomass Conversion / Kinetic Modelling he has transitioned into industrial consulting for the chemicals and process equipment. More specifically, Process Development, Process Safety and chemical plant Digitalization are his focus areas. Dr Nabar assists Amar Equipment as an external consultant advising in the areas of Technology and Business Development. He is spearheading the effort to expand Amar’s sales into US / EU markets. Dr Nabar is available for technical advice regarding the optimal design of our pilot plant and custom skid services. In addition to his consulting practice Dr. Nabar also serves as an Adj. Associate Professor in the Dept of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT Bombay).

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