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Founded in 1974, Amar has, over the past 45 years, gained experience in design, manufacture & supply of high pressure high temperature batch and continuous reactors & allied systems. Amar has expertise in supplying lab & plant scale (1ml to 1000ltr) reactors and pilot systems in different material including but not limited to SS316, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium and Glass.

Pressures upto 700 bar and temperatures upto 1000°c are possible for stirred & non-stirred, microchannel & tubular, single & multiple, semi & fully automated standalone reactors as well as turnkey pilot plants.

Such customized solutions are frequently used for various chemical reactions & processes including super critical fluid extraction, corrosion testing and studies, gas hydrate formation studies, etc. These reactors are primarily used in R&D, pilot and manufacturing facilities of various chemical, pharma, oil & gas industries, research and educational institutes.

Our Products

  • 50ml to 100ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 350 bar
  • 100ltr to 2000ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 100 bar at 350°C
  • Volumes 12, 50, 200, 1000 & 2000ml
  • Flow rate upto 240ltr/hr
  • Continuous flow reactor from 1ml to 2ltr
  • Flow rates up to 120 LPH
  • 4 or 6 Nos., 50ml to 2ltr parallel autoclaves
  • Pressures upto 350 bar at 500°c
  • 100ml to 2ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 10 bar at 200°C
  • 100ml to 200ltr volume
  • Flow rates up to 10,000 LPH
  • 0.1ml to 50ml volume
  • Flow rates up to 36 LPH
  • 25ml to 2000ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 700 bar & 800°C
  • 100ml to 250ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 700 bar
  • 1ml to 2ltr volume
  • Flow rate upto 120 LPH
  • 1ml to 16ml volume
  • Flow rate upto 60 LPH
  • 500ml to 25ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 350 bar & 750°C
  • 100ml to 100ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 350 bar at 100°C
  • 25ml to 2000ltr volume
  • Pressureupto 350 bar & 1000°C
  • Pilot plants for multiphase homogeneous & heterogeneous chemical reactions
  • Pressures upto 350 bar and 500°C
  • Pilot plants for multiphase homogeneous & heterogeneous chemical reactions
  • Torque from 1 Nm to 600 Nm
  • Full vacuum to 700 bar
  • For nitration, diazotization, azo coupling, sulfoxidation, amination, formylation etc.
  • 0.2ml to 20ml volume
  • Flow rate up to 200ml/min
  • 0.005 m² to 0.05 m² filtration area
  • 1ltr to 10ltr slurry volume
  • Open & closed loop circulators from -90 to 350°C
  • 1ml to 200ml volume
  • Flow rate upto 200ml/min
  • 12ml to 200ltr volume
  • Pressures upto 350 bar and 350°C

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Our Strength


At Amar, we continuously upgrade our designs for better features, quality, safety, ease of operation & durability to ensure advanced & reliable products at economical price. We innovate & customize to fulfill the individual requirements of every client.


At Amar, we use the latest technology for manufacturing, finishing & testing each product with quality systems in place to ensure unmatched quality & performance.


At Amar, we have a team of highly trained & skilled engineers who promptly offers support for troubleshooting, preventive and breakdown requirements of clients. With a wide network of dealers, distributors and service technicians around the globe Amar is always at your doorstep for all your delivery, maintenance and after-sales service needs.

Recent News

2l Hastelloy

24.10.2020, By Amar Equipments

  • 100 bar design pressure at 300°C temperature
  • Interchangeable solid shaft turbine stirrer and hollow shaft gas induction impeller
  • 100ml detachable Sampling pot with cooling provision mounted on sampling valve
  • Ø50mm & 2 feet Long Hast C distillation column
  • 0.2 m2 Hastelloy C Condenser for distillation / condensation
  • 1L Hastelloy C Receiver pot at the outlet of condenser
  • 1L Hastelloy C High Pressure Liquid / Catalyst Slurry /Gas charging system

High Pressure

15.10.2020, By Amar Equipments

  • 250 ml, 300 bar, 200°C vessel
  • Two sapphire windows
  • Ultrasonic probe (20KHz & 120W) fitted in the vessel, provision for ultrasound horn (½ inch) insertion
  • Profiling software for real time logging and analysis
  • VFD Controlled high pressure CO2 Pump with flow rate upto 2 lph
  • SS316 product collection vessel connected to the bottom of High pressure vessel

Pilot Plant
Reactor Vessel

3.10.2020, By Amar Equipments

  • 10 liters X 4 net filling capacity
  • FV to 5 bar pressure at -10°C to +150°C
  • Light and sight glass round on body for observing, capturing photos and video recording of the reaction
  • Common control panel with individual pressure & temperature indicators and variable frequency drives

High Pressure Vessel for Formation
& Dissociation Gas Hydrates

2.11.2020, By Amar Equipments

  • Volume-750cc
  • Design Pressure-4000 Psi
  • Design temperature-(-100°C to 500°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy-±0.10°C
  • Removable Lid (with round Quartz window for viewing contents)
  • Microwave Source with Wave Guide, Microwave circulator, Microwave Dual direction decoupler, Rectangular – Circular Transducer, Microwave three stub turner
  • Software for monitoring the pressure-temperature variation, Hydrate stability Zone and the rate of dissociation of gas hydrates