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Amar Experts Publish Article on Making Flow Chemistry Lead to Profitability

Amar Experts Publish Article on Making Flow Chemistry Lead to Profitability

21 May 2024

We are very happy to announce an article "Engineering aspects of flow technology" recently published by two of our experts in the Chemical Weekly Magazine. Prof Vishwanath Dalvi and Dr. Chandrakanth Gadipelly give extensive insights about how we at Amar have been successfully solving industrial problems with flow chemistry. We strongly encourage you to read this for a fantastic introduction to how flow chemistry can improve profitability for chemical enterprises.

Here are the four key takeaway messages from the article (to whet your appetite!):

Advantages of Flow Processing: Flow processing offers significant advantages over batch processing, including increased safety, stable operations, intensified processing, low variability, and higher profitability.

Engineering and Expertise Requirements: Transitioning to flow processing requires substantial engineering inputs and expertise across multiple disciplines, including chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, control engineers, and economic experts.

Operational Simplicity and Efficiency: Flow processes are simpler to operate, requiring less manual intervention compared to batch processes. They allow for tighter control, advance detection of process drift, and are in line with "just in time" manufacturing principles.

Safety and Automation: Flow processes enhance safety by reducing in-process inventory and allowing for more robust and cost-effective containment solutions. They also facilitate automation, reducing the need for routine manual intervention.

Again, this was just a sampler. For more insights, we strongly encourage the reader to read the full article (here). We thank Ravi Raghavan from Chemical Weekly for allowing us the opportunity to write this article. Prof Dalvi and Dr. Chandrakanth are available for one on one consultations for your specific industrial problems. Drop us an email at

This article was followed up with a highly successful workshop on Flow Chemistry at our site in May.

We will have a separate blog on this Workshop. Stay tuned.