MicroFLO Reactors

  • Ideal for gas-liquid and liquid-liquid multiphase reactions
  • MicroFLO™ reactor is a compact plate type flow reactor with much greater surface area to volume ratio & heat transfer area than comparable reactors. This is achieved through our innovative space-filling patented design
  • Available in 3D printed as well as plate-type arrangement
  • Volume:
    5 mL to 2 L
  • Flow Rates:
    Up to 100 Lph
  • Pressure:
    Up to 100 bar
  • Temperature:
    -50 °C to 350 °C
  • Heat transfer area:
    500-2,500 m2 / m3
  • Material:
    SS-316 & Hastelloy
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  • Applications:
    MicroFLO reactor is exceptionally suited for fast-exothermic reactions where tight temperature control is essential for safety and selectivity. Lithiation, Grignard reactions, Nitrations, Oxidations, Sulfonations, Diazotizations, Halogenations