Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors

  • Single or multiple stirred reactors connected in series
  • Volume:
    100 mL to 1,000 L
  • Pressure:
    Up to 350 bar
  • Temperature:
    Up to 500 °C
  • Material:
    SS316, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Titanium
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  • Certifications:
    ASME, U Stamp, PED, ATEX certified systems
  • Custom built turnkey solution with gas, liquid charging, heating, cooling, catalyst filtration, back pressure regulator, accessories, utilities, instrumentation, PLC with touch panel & SCADA software.
  • Applications:
    Catalytic hydrogenation, Polymerization, Crystallization, Fermentation, Esterification, Saponification, Wastewater treatment, Various oxidation & reduction processes