SlurryFLO Reactors

  • The SlurryFlo reactor is a versatile continuous reactor designed for performing reactions involving slurries.
  • Each cell is equipped with impellers which help to disperse reaction media uniformly. Efficient slurry mixing helps distributing the heat generated during the reaction, prevents localized heating, and provides uniform temperature throughout the reactor.
  • Volume:
    250 mL to 100 L
    Customized reactors are available from 100 L to 1,000 L
  • Flow Rates:
    Up to 300 LPH
  • Pressure:
    Up to 100 bar
  • Temperature:
    -30 °C to 250 °C
  • Material:
    SS316, Hastelloy C, & Glass with Metal
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  • Applications:
    Excellent for heterogeneously catalyzed reactions with finely dispersed catalysts.
    Reactions such as Hydrogenations, Nucleophilic substitutions, Aldol condensations, and Esterifications. Continuous crystallization (evaporative/antisolvent/cooling) with uniform crystal-size distribution.