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Achema 2024: Grand Success for Amar

Achema 2024: Grand Success for Amar

09 Jul 2024

The Amar team is back from Achema 2024, tired but very satisfied. We made great connections, met many of our customers and dealers and overall did great business development. Amar had a team of seven at Achema including two generations of our owners.

 We thank all our customers who visited us at Achema. Here are some highlights of the show for us at Amar:

  • Our flow reactors garnered a lot of customer interest. In particular, the Amar SlurryFLO reactor is a very unique product that customers don’t see anyone else offering.


  • We found lots of synergies with other companies in the flow reactors area. Overall, there are many designs and sometimes two or more models may fit in parallel. In particular, we had great discussions with the teams at Peschl, Flowid, Chemtrix, and Contipros. Competitors can collaborate!
  • Our backbone at Amar is always our local distributor teams. They are the face to our customers. We had our associates from as far as Australia and Brazil visit us. We highlight our associates at Haas, Technovis, Effeci Rappresentanze, Tennessine, Instruflow, Scharlab, PT Ingenious, Afora, and Analitika. Stay tuned for more blog posts highlighting the great work our best distributors are doing in the global markets.


  • Visitors are always looking for new innovations in the reactor space.  They had great interest in our VishwaFLO reactor and PascalFLO Pump which we exhibited at the show


  • Some products like Magdrives, Heating cooling circulators, and Autoclaves are evergreen. No matter how long they have been around, and how many other vendors try to compete, customers are always looking for reliable, economical alternatives!


  • More and more of our customers are looking for ease of use, aesthetic UIs, data acquisition systems, and other “soft” aspects of our reactors. The new Amar UI and touch screen interface was a great hit among visitors.


Overall Achema took a lot of effort, a lot of walking around but it was all worth it for us at Amar. We look forward to the next trade shows to see all of you, our beloved customers and associates!