3D Flow Reactor

1 ml AMaR-3
12 ml AMaR-3
50ml AMaR-3

Salient Features

Application Of Continuous Flow Reactor

Mixing of miscible liquids or immiscible liquids or gases creating dispersion of immiscible fluids or gases in liquids and carrying out very fast, exothermic, homogeneous, heterogeneous & catalytic hydrogenation reactions. Some of the tested applications include diazotization, nitrations, oxidation with different oxidizing agents, sulfoxidation, hydrogenation, sulfonation, etc. The reactor has been used in many industries for a wide range of reactions under various conditions from cryogenic to High temperature & High Pressure Reactions.

Technical Specification for AMaR-3

Technical specificationsStandardOptional
Volume (ml)1, 12, 50, 200, 10002-5 liters with different cone volumes
Design temperature (°C)-50 to 200Upto 800
Design pressure (bar)100200 to 350
Material of constructionSS-316Hastelloy C-276
Heat transfer area (m2/m3)upto 700200-700
Standard fittingsInlet: 2 nos. with Y mixer & Outlet: 1 no. with pressure gauge, rupture discIntermittent addition or sampling ports, safety relief valve, thermocouple
Heating/coolingSS 304 Jacket with insulation & cladding

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Note: All accessories may not be applicable for above models.