Glass Microreactor

Salient Features

Specially designed micro reactors from LTF - Germany are microchannel reactors used in various photochemical and UV induced reactions.

Mr. Lab

Common Reactors For Common Reactions

The series MR Lab was developed to integrate standard lab syntheses from batchprocess to continuous process using standard lab equipments such astemperature vessels, heaters or cooling agents.

The connecting via the front face saves the system space without creating anydead volume. The chip is connected via 1/4” UNF 28 fittings for 1/8” pipes.A supporting frame is designed to simplify the dipping process of chips in vessel.


Mr. XXL ST 1

Reaction Stretch:

Mr. XXL ST 2

Reaction Stretch:


Reaction Stretch:

Mr. Pilot

Example Of Applications

The following reactions are done with ST type mixer or combination of ST type and jet mixer( emulsifier) if 2 phase reaction was carried out.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Note: All accessories may not be applicable for above models.