Amar has been a pioneer, largest manufacturer, and exporter of continuous flow reactors in India for many years. Amar Flow Reactors are used by various industries like fine & specialty chemicals, bulk drug (API) pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, paints, agrochemicals, etc. to convert their batch chemistries to continuous flow.

Whether you are having small quantum of chemicals or just starting your journey with flow, Amar flow reactors offer a fantastic opportunity to dabble with flow chemistry and get precise results. Our microchannel design is capable of mixing two immiscible phases effectively and extracting heat from the reacting mixture while being able to perform the reaction on a sufficiently large scale. With a variety of flow reactors at the researcher’s disposal, we can pick and choose which particular reactor best suits the needs of the reaction.

For example, considering the effectiveness of a plate flow reactor for exothermic chemistries like lithiation, nitration, etc, we can quickly divert the flow chemistry experiment to the plate type with the flick of a simple switch located on the panel. If the reaction requires cooling-heating, we can simply change the utility temperature with the Amar heating–cooling circulators which are capable to cool upto -15 degC and heat upto 230 degC (depending on the thermic fluid used). Additionally, the researcher has the flexibility to data login to the computer to quickly view the results on their personal laptop after conducting several experiments on the go. Optimization has therefore been never so easy using Amar POCflo reactor with its wide range of offerings.

  • Different Design of flow reactors for performing lab scale MOC trials
  • Microchannel. tubular, static mixer & photo flow jacketed reactors available in volume around 2-5ml in a single setup
  • Reactors available in SS316 or HC276 material
  • Temperature range from -50°C to 250°C and pressures upto 100 bar
  • Optional syringe/HPLC pumps, heating-cooling circulators & Back pressure regulator


Apart from our standard specifications we also provide additional value-added optional accessories to enhance the versatility and functionality of the equipment for various applications. Some of the components that we provide as a part of our flow reactor systems :

It is SS316 regulator mounted on the vent line of the reactor &is used for maintaining constant pressure inside the reactor up to 350bar. The pressure is maintained by releasing the excess pressure into the atmosphere.

  • Electronically actuated digital pneumatic back pressure regulator, where the pressure is set digitally & can be released at preset rate of pressure release (6bar air supply is required).
  • Pneumatically actuated pilot operated back pressure regulator (air/N2 gas supply for rated pressure is required to activate the same).
  • Electronic control unit & forward pressure regulator with 4mtr.
  • Materials: Hastelloy C, PTFE etc.
  • Single Fluid closed loop system from -90°C to 250°C.
  • Heating Cooling bath circulators from 70°C to 175°C.
  • High temperature circulators from ambient to 350°C.
  • Chillers up to -15°C.
  • Suitable for reactor volume from 10 ml to 3000 ltr.

It consists of SS316 pressure sensor (transmitter) & digital pressure indicator/ controller (mounted on common control panel) with pressure alarm.

This system is used to charge liquid at a desired rate from as low as 1ml/hr, is under pressurized condition.

  • Diaphragm metering pumps for pressures up to 100bar & minimum flow range of 60-600ml/hr to maximum 10-100 lit/hr. The flow rates are varied by varying the motor speed with variable frequency drive. Materials: SS316, options: Hastelloy C, Titanium, PTFE.
  • High pressure more accurate HPLC type low flow metering pumps for high pressures up to 350 bar & flow range from 0.01 up to 100ml/min. Materials: SS316, option: Hastelloy C, Titanium.
  • Low/High pressure syringe, pumps can be offered for pumping corrosive chemicals.

MFM can be used to measure accurate mass flow rate of gas (in gm/hr or LPH) & totalized quantity of mass/volume (in gm/ltr) charged in the reactor at any point. Mass flow controller (MFC) is used to charge the set flow rate of gas into the reactor at high pressures up to 100bar. The same MFM/MFC comes with high pressure flexible hose, inlet filter with digital gas flow indicator.

Note : All accessories may not be applicable for the selected model. For more details Contact US.

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