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Flow Chemistry Services

Amar Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for deploying flow processes in your manufacturing facility. We provide solutions for converting batch processes to flow, and for translating laboratory-scale concepts to commercial flow processes.

Thinking of going with flow? We think of little else. Flow is the future of chemical manufacturing. Here’s why:

• Tight control on residence times.
• Enhanced heat and mass transfer rates.
• Opportunities for utility saving.
• Small inventories allowing safe operations under harsh (high temperature and pressure) and hazardous conditions.
• Minimal variation in output quality.
• Simplified scaleup.
• Facile process automation & control.

Amar Advantage

• State-of-the-art flow chemistry process development lab with a wide range of cost-effective reactors, pumps & utilities;
• In-house analytical laboratory facility;
• Chemistry, Chemical & Mechanical Engineering, Control & Instrumentation along with fabrication expertise under one roof;
• We design and fabricate equipment around the chemistry realizing massive synergies.

A number of industrially important reactions have been demonstrated in flow including:

• Nitrations
• Oxidations
• Grignard reactions
• Diazotizations
• Halogenations
• Fluorinations
• Lithiations
• Alkylations
• Suzuki Couplings
• Ammoxidations
• Amidations
• Photochemical reactions
• And many more …

We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate reactor from our vast variety of patented and patent-pending flow reactors created in partnership with renowned research institutes and universities. Every reactor is thoroughly characterised and tested on a variety of chemistries. We also provide solutions for photochemistry and electrochemistry. If you require something other than our basic models, we also build bespoke designs built for a specific use. All of our solutions can be thoroughly tested at our cutting-edge laboratory in Mumbai. This facility complies with the highest safety, environmental, and health regulations. If there is a chemistry that you would like to implement in flow, just drop us an email at [email protected]

Our engineers and flow chemistry experts will work closely with your team to turn your concept into a successful commercial reality.

A typical work-flow for any flow chemistry projects that we undertake at our facility is:


Thinking flow? Think Amar Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Your partners in flow.

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