Pinch Tube Reactors

100 ml AMaR-4P
2 ltr AMaR-4P
12 ltr AMaR-4P

Salient Features

Application Tubular Flow Reactor

Mixing of miscible liquids or immiscible liquids or gases creating dispersion of immiscible fluids or gases in liquids and carrying out very fast, exothermic & homogeneous reactions. The mass transfer will take place entirely depending upon the flow regime. This reactor has been fabricated and designed for various flow capacities for the industry. Standard as well as tailor made suitable for the chemistry. AMaR-4P offers excellent mixing with no compromise on heat transfer rates. It can be used as a static mixer for homogeneous reaction for fluids of lower viscosity. It can also be used as heat exchanger.

Technical Specification for AMaR-4P

Technical specificationsStandardOptional
Volume (ml)100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000Customizable uptolarge volumes.
Design temperature (°C)-50 to 250350
Design pressure (bar)100Upto 350
Material of constructionSS-316Hastelloy C-276
Heat transfer area (m2/m3)250-1300
Heating/coolingJacket in SS 304 with insulationTube in Tube

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Note: All accessories may not be applicable for above models.